Full Hunter's Moon in Aries


October is a very special time to find a quiet place to observe and celebrate the cycles of the moon. As we see the arrival of the autumnal equinox, shorter days, and crisp cold air, so do we see one of the most beautiful moons of the year: the Hunter’s Moon.

The Full Moon candle is about shedding light on the darkness. A potent time to release and let go, which aligns perfectly with the energy of the Hunter’s Moon in Aries.

Like the rising tides we will see before the Hunter’s Moon on October 5th, the truth is likely to come to the surface during this moon. Use this time to focus on what clarity this moon can bring. What role does fate play in your life? Where is free will being utilized most?

“Aries energy is about trusting yourself, finding your independence and marching forward in spite of it all in the direction that you know is right. It is about developing a greater sense of self and knowing who you truly are.” - consciousreminder

Aries is a sign of honesty, optimism, and determination. And while Aries can be impatient and head-headed, taking the lead and seeing the best in the world can go a long way.  May October be a time to seek truth in your own life and take hold of the power you have to make changes as the season changes around you.


With love + light,





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