Deep breath in... Get Grounded


Our Grounded Candle is a best-seller among men and women. With a complex fragrance created from a blend of sweet caramel, smoky tobacco, and earthy bourbon, this candle may take you by surprise.


When life becomes hectic, our priorities can become skewed by outside energies, and it is important to remain centered and remember what is truly important.

This fragrance was made with the intention of creating an atmosphere of stability and alignment. Use this candle to clear one’s mind and become one with the earth and your inner self once again, and allow this candle to clear the debris from your mind and leave behind only thoughts of what is truly important to you. May you find inner peace and a connection with the earth from this sophisticated combination of fragrances.


Now it is your turn to try it out: follow this link to get your Grounded Candle


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