Dear Lucin Family,
Lucin production continues from my home-studio in Venice, CA where I am able to pour your candles and also ship them. ⁠ I am very grateful for my space and the ability to continue running business while staying safe and keeping the community safe 🙏🏽⁠
We will continue to make our candles, spread light during challenging times, and do our best to support our community. ⁠
Your continued support means EVERYTHING to this small business and we are so grateful for YOU 🙏🏽⁠ ⁠

We are in this together. ⁠
Stay calm, safe, and healthy my friends! ⁠
~ Cin Kats

Lucin Candle Studio Lucin Candle Studio


We're so glad you're here. Lucin Candle Studio wants to help you set your intentions ablaze.
Offering unique candle scents and emotional opportunities to help you establish a deep connection with your space to help you set and achieve your intentions. Helping to remind us that we are all powerful beings.

All Natural

Our candles are made with an all-natural coconut wax blend with phthalate free premium grade fragrance and essential oils. Absolutely no added dyes or chemicals.

hand poured in small batches

Each candle is hand poured in small batches, ensuring quality, consistency and potency.

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Unique Scent Blends

Our unique scent blends are created to help bring forth the power and distinctive qualities of each intention, conjuring an elevated experience and mood.

One of a kind

New Moon
New Moon
“May you find new paths in the darkness”  A new moon is a powerful, and potent time, ideal to start new things, put forth new intentions, and set habits to new cycles. Enhance your practice and new moon rituals with...
Full Moon
“May you illuminate the darkness”  A full moon is a powerful, and potent time, ideal to cleanse yourself of anything that is keeping you from achieving and vibrating at your full potential. Our custom scents blend of Sandalwood helps to promote...

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