Intentions in Motion - New Moon in Virgo


When we work with the moon, we align our energy with the Universe’s energy, it’s cycles and rhythms. The New Moon phase symbolizes new beginnings, a potent time to start fresh with a new cycle. Therefore, it is the perfect time to for planning and seeding your intentions.

I have been working with the energy of the Moon for the past couple of years. My girlfriends and I often gather together for this powerful time to share our intentions and new goals. We light candles as we visualize our intentions of what we wish to create.

“This New Moon [in Virgo] is a time to focus on and commit to greater healing, wholeness, being of service and showing up to do our inner and outer work.

Virgo is a sign of integrity and discernment…yes virgo can be perfectionist, critical and judgmental- but healthy Virgo is about discerning and clear in our vision and perception of ourselves, others and the world around us.

This New Moon is a call to up level our game of healing, wholeness, integration and integrity!” -  DIVINE HARMONY

“Harness the power of this New Moon by taking the opportunity to refresh your habits and overhaul the operating system of your life.

Virgo energy can help you set new intentions around how you live your daily life. Sometimes focusing on Virgo topics means focusing on the most mundane things. How’s your digestion? How’s your overall health?

Avoid the urge to overthink and instead focus on the habits you want to change. Make a detailed plan.” -  Sandra Sitron


May we embrace the changes with gentlelness, focus on healing and we will manifest our intentions. 

With love + light,




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