• Intention Spotlight: ABUNDANCE

    Intention Spotlight: ABUNDANCE
    We started speaking about Abundance in last week's Gratitude blog post because living a life of gratitude is what brings abundance in our lives! Like gratitude, abundance is a state of mind. When we approach the art of manifestation from pure joy, authentic excitement, and a thankful heart, the possibilities are ENDLESS. Our Abundance intention candle will awaken your senses as you focus and set...
  • Intention Spotlight: GRATITUDE

    Intention Spotlight: GRATITUDE
    November is the official Gratitude month! Gratitude is the key to unlock happiness, health, and success. When you focus on what you already have, you will cultivate gratitude. You are able to feel true joy, fulfillment, and you will naturally attract more of which you can be grateful for! A perfect blend of Balsam Fir, Cinnamon, and Clove create a warm and cozy atmosphere....
  • Happy Birthday To Us: Lucin's 3rd anniversary!

    Happy Birthday To Us: Lucin's 3rd anniversary!
    Today, 11/1, Lucin Candle Studio turns THREE years old! We want to extend our great excitement and immense gratitude to all our incredible community, customers, and partners for all your support and loyalty in this beautiful (yet challenging!) journey of spreading light + meaningful intentions. We are because YOU are!
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