• Sun-Kissed Box + Lucin Candles in Tokyo

    Sun-Kissed Box + Lucin Candles in Tokyo
    Last month, we had the honored to be part of the @sunkissedbox pop-up event in one of my favorite cities in the world, Tokyo, Japan!  Sun-Kissed Box is a California lifestyle subscription box curated for women in Japan with an interest in the beach and coastal lifestyle. The incredible founders, Naomi and Jeff, transmit their love for our sunny state and the magic that is...
  • Deep breath in... Get Grounded

    Deep breath in... Get Grounded
    Our Grounded Candle is a best-seller among men and women. With a complex fragrance created from a blend of sweet caramel, smoky tobacco, and earthy bourbon, this candle may take you by surprise.   When life becomes hectic, our priorities can become skewed by outside energies, and it is important to remain centered and remember what is truly important. This fragrance was made with...
  • Full Hunter's Moon in Aries

    Full Hunter's Moon in Aries
    October is a very special time to find a quiet place to observe and celebrate the cycles of the moon. As we see the arrival of the autumnal equinox, shorter days, and crisp cold air, so do we see one of the most beautiful moons of the year: the Hunter’s Moon.The Full Moon candle is about shedding light on the darkness. A potent time...
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