The power of Ritual


What is a ritual? One of the definitions that I resonate with: a practice made sacred through mindful intention.

Adding a simple ritual to our day is continuously and powerfully transformative. 

Rituals also set an intention, and over here at Lucin we LOVE setting intentions. Taking a few minutes each day to practice a ritual can enhance the power of intention setting, reinforce your goals, bring forth calmness, focus, and balance. Also, taking some time to connect with yourself is such a wonderful act of self-love! 

Strengthening your intentional practice with a ritual can support you to be more aligned and in-tuned with what you want to create in your life and how to achieve it. 

We believe rituals are powerful tools that help us create the best possible life for ourselves. Over the past months, we worked on a very special candle we are introducing today! RITUAL, a sacred blend created to elevate your intention setting practice.
Notes of Palo Santo essential oil, White Birch, and a touch of Sweetgrass will purify, cleanse and attract good spirits. Made purposefully to be used before your intentional practice.

Interested to learn about our own rituals? Find below my go-to ritual for the morning. Feel free to practice it, follow every step, or modify it as you please! The best rituals come from the heart. Just like our candles!

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Lucin’s Ritual for Intentional Practice

  • Set-up your sacred space: cleanse, purify and prep your space before your intentional practice. Have everything you need like a journal, pen, candles, etc., handy. I personally love smudging some sage and lighting the Ritual candle with an intention I would like to enhance.

  • Ground yourself: close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, connect with yourself and bring out a sense of gratitude for this moment. 

  • Set the intention: this will be what your mind focuses on. Ask within yourself: what would I like to manifest in my life? or, what am I calling forth right now?   

  • Journal: open up, let your feelings out. Take a moment to transfer on the paper what comes up for you, your feelings, or just writing a line with your intention. 

  • Honor the ritual: the more personal you make it, and the more consistently you use it, the more powerful it can be. 

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