Plandle - Gardenia

Plandle - Gardenia

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Sultry as a summer evening and as intoxicating as an exotic perfume, the scent of gardenias in this candle settles like a memory onto your soul.

PLANDLE (plan-duhl): first a candle, then a planter. AKA: the collaborative handmade love-child of two Venice makers: BORN ON SUNSET + Lucin Candle Studio 👯

An ABSOLUTE all-natural candle, made with plant-derived fragrances + coconut wax blend + cotton wicks.
And it gets better...once the candle has burnt, you can reuse your vessel as a planter! ♻️


8oz Plandle burns for about 40-50 hs

14oz Plandle burns for about 70-85 hs

Sizes slightly differ due to the natural handmade process*

VERY limited quantities available!