Lucin Candle Studio

Our Story

About our Candles...

Lucin Candles are one of a kind in that they are each indiviudally hand-poured in small batches, and made with an all natural coconut blend wax. Each candle is mixed with phthalate-free premium grade fragrance oils.  There are absolutely no added dyes or chemicals.  For best care, keep in a cool place to avoid melting or softening of the candle, and over heating of the mason jar or gold tin.

Designed with a simple aesthetic and rustic feel, the candles compliment any home, both indoors and outdoors. They make a great addition to any studio or in the office. Our 9  oz mason jars can also be re-used to pot succulents, can hold brushes and pens, or make for a beautiful vase at home. The candles are each uniquely blended with fragrance oils,  filling up the room with their distinctive scent.


Lucin - derives from the word "Moon" in Armenian and the word "Luz" meaning "light" in Spanish.


Some Background...

Cin Kats was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a love of craft making and a refined sense of smell. She first started making candles when she was twelve years old and sold them at her parents' gift shop in Buenos Aires. With a passion for candlemaking and over ten years of experience, Cin puts a tremendous amount of love and hard work into each candle.

Meet the team...

The team behind Lucin consists of Cin and Paul Kats who are happily married, and Naira Hart; a good friend of their's both. Longtime locals to the westside of Los Angeles, they  live and work out of Venice Beach and Mar Vista.  They combine their well rounded and balanced assets together creating the magic that is Lucin Candle Studio. Between Cin's natural candle making skills, Paul's genius marketing and development, and Naira's fine attention to detail and design they are a wonderful dream team. Their shared vision is to create a special candle that is truly magical and can touch customer's lives, one intention at a time. 

Cin Kats

Paul Kats

Naira Hart